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Dec 9, 2013 8:00am EST
are not jetlagged, are you? we are going to walk through some of the top stories. we are all over iter the dub octal when first was initiated, it has come back. about one million people have visited the site since september 2. today is the deadline for lawmakers. >> they have a dose of their own medicine. i thought it was very telling on cyber monday. the walmart site had problems. at the same time -- i am not sure which is worse. areome of the lawmakers getting an ugly surprise, including john boehner. he said that the premiums would double. co-pays are going to triple. that is what he said. he says he is thrilled to death, sarcastically. payingas talking about the penalty options. i did not think that was a joke. >> we're going to be all over that, as i mentioned. mcdonald's is reporting their november sales. alix steel is in the newsroom with more. we know they had a tough time in october. >> n did not seem to fare better. globally, sales rose about 5/10 of one percent. that is shy of estimates. it does not look too bad. behind the numbers, they were down 8/10 of one perce
Dec 5, 2013 8:00am EST
interview with hedge fund heavyweight title -- kyle bass. d.c. as goldman is in sees a surge in users. signed a deal with china mobile to offer iphones on its vast network. we are joined with more perspective on what this possible deal that has not been announced yet would mean. tom, reports are rampant that they are just about to sign this deal. on the apple side, how big a boost is apple going to see if they did sign a deal with china mobile. >> yes, good morning, betty. a way i look at china mobile for apple, this is been a long, speculated catalyst, and the question was when, not if. withu look at china mobile 7 million subscribers, this could be a very big deal for apple, especially if it means they could be selling the devices as early as this month. figures thatcting could meaningfully be improved. >> this is a long time coming for china mobile. they have been losing out because they had not carry the iphone. >> the story there was it was with the china network -- the china mobile network, which is no longer the case. also, the idea that they will be rolling out 4g, wh
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
month since march, 2012. healthcare up 28,000. one area of weakness, financial activity is down 3000. up average weekly hours are 34.5. the bottom line, moore improvement, more traction in the labor market. the unemployed rate will get the attention of the federal reserve paper -- taper >> it is getting the attention of the markets. alix steel, do we see a rally? >> a little bit of a rally. it looks like investors are taking good news as good news. typically, you might think of good jobs number, perhaps the fed will taper, and that will be negative. we are not seeing that in the equity market. the treasury yields rising above 2.9% for the 10-year. on currencies, it is all about the stronger dollar. if the economy is getting that dollar will appreciate as you see a rising against the euro, against the ed, and against the pound. and againsthe yen the pound. in michaelo bring mckee. is there a reason to be excited? >> a couple of reasons. the whole report is good in terms of direction. some of the numbers are not up to where they were prior to the government shutdown, like the part
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3